These are pages related to works, texts, projects and field studies of Berlin based artist, writer and publisher Ariane Müller. The pages are comprised of three main sections, wherein Artfan and Museum of Society and Economy Berlin (Gesellschafts- und Wirtschaftsmuseum Berlin) maybe need some explanation.

Artfan was an art-magazine published between 1991 and 1995 in Vienna by Linda Bilda and Ariane Müller. The Artfan pages will build up an archive over time of the writings and art-work published in Artfan.

Museum of Society and Economy Berlin is an ongoing project following Otto Neurath’s call to build a museum of the kind in every city. While the Berlin branch does not work with Pictogrammes it nonetheless follow Neuraths idea of explaining things in offtopic description modes (or at least this is how I understand it).
Field Studies is a section that is comprised of various documents of 20 years of work with UN-HABITAT.

More information is available at the Starship-website and Blog, a magazine, publishing house, and production platform that started in 1998 and is an ongoing project of Gerry Bibby, Nikola Dietrich, Martin Ebner, Ariane Müller, and Henrik Olesen.

Biography, Exhibitions (english)
Publikationsbiographie Ariane Müller 2018 (deutsch)